New Jersey Police: We Have A Union & Want Walmart Workers To Also

There’s an ah ha moment, an epiphany sorta moment, that helps an oppressed worker to realize "YOU are NOT ALONE". Secaucus cops processed & released us arrestees, really fast. They told us that they had a union and wanted their Brothers and Sisters at WalMart to have one too. We had BIG FUN, supporting our Sisters & Brothers courageous stand for COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Rights, a LIVING WAGE, Health & Welfare Benefits and ALL the goodies that our exploited WalMart Wage Slaves deserve. Glad to do what we can for ALL our potential ALLIES. Civil Disobedience/Civil Resistance to publicize the plight of 10’s of thousands of WalMart wage slaves, across the planet, is truly worth it, because when beat down workers see this collective support, they are encouraged to do what has to be done to get what they deserve.

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