Fast Food Workers’ Labor Day Strike Echoes Martin Luther King’s Dream

Fast food and other arganisations strike action for a living wage in Union Square, New York City on August 29. (Photo: The Eyes Of New York )
On Thursday, in anticipation of Labor Day weekend, thousands of workers at 1,000 fast food restaurants in 60 cities walked out on strike to protest their low wages, erratic schedules, lack of job security, miserable working conditions, and lack of benefits. The movement began last November in one city – New York. The idea has since spread. This week’s protest is the largest mass action of fast food employees in history. If they reflect the nation’s McWorkforce, most of them will be Black and Latino. Their average age will be roughly 28. Many have children to house, clothes and feed, which is impossible on the minimum wages they are paid. They are demanding a living wage of $15 an hour and the right to unionize without employer resistance or retaliation.

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